Optometry Rules & Regulations for Louisiana

The complete set of updated rules & regulations promulgated by the Louisiana State Board of Optometry Examiners is maintained by the Louisiana Division of Administration in Title 46, Part L1, and may be downloaded here.  

The summary below is presented as a reference and is current as of February 2022.

Title 46 
Part L1. Optometrists

To view a downloaded set of LSBOE Rules & Regulations as of February 2022, click here (Note: for the most current set of official rules & regulations, please use the link above at the Louisiana Division of Administration's website). 

A summarized Table of Contents highlighting major areas is listed below:

Chapter 1.  General Provisions 
§101. Preamble 
§103. Rulemaking Procedure 
§105. Legislative History 
§107. Organization of the Board 
§109. Employment Restrictions 
§111. Prohibition of Fee-Splitting 
§112. Controlling Professional Judgment of Optometrist 
§113. Referrals 
§115. Patient Records 
§117. Hearings and Investigations 

Chapter 3.  License 
§301. Continuing Education 
§303. Continuing Education Requirement for Controlled Dangerous Substances 

Chapter 5.  Practicing Optometry 
§501. Professional Conduct 
§503. License to Practice Optometry 
§505. Prescriptions for Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses 
§507. Licensure by Endorsement 
§509. Optometric Telemedicine 

Chapter 6.  Dispensation of Medication 
§601. Scope of Chapter 
§603. Definitions 
§605. Prohibitions 
§607. Use of Controlled Substances; Limitations 
§609. Action against Optometry License 
§611. Mandatory Access and Review of Prescription Monitoring Program Data; Exceptions 

Chapter 7.  Examination 
§701. Examination Requirements 

Chapter 8.  Fees and Expenses 
§801. Fees 
§803. Expenses