Optometry Laws for Louisiana


Louisiana Optometry Laws

The Louisiana Legislature has passed numerous laws regarding the profession of optometry and its practice & regulation in the state.  The official and most current version of these laws (i.e. the Louisiana Revised Statutes) is maintained by the State of Louisiana on the Louisiana Legislature's website (click link). The summary of these statutes presented below is for reference, but should not be relied on when making legal determinations affecting a person's rights or obligations without first consulting competent legal counsel.

Louisiana Revised Statutes
Title 37. Professions and Occupations
Chapter 12. Optometry

To view Title 37, Chapter 12, of the Louisiana Revised Statutes, please click here (note you will have to tab to the right to scroll through all applicable sections of law in Chapter 12 pertaining to the practice of Optometry, ending with section 1068; also note there are additional sections of applicable law below under "Related Laws" that have active individual links for review).

1041 - Legislative declaration; statement of purpose; definitions
1042 - Louisiana State Board of Optometry Examiners; appointment; terms of members; protected action and communication
1043 - Oath of office
1044 - Removal of members
1045 - Officers; meetings; quorum
1046 - Fees; compensation, expenses, staff
1047 - Records; receipts and disbursements
1048 - Powers of the board
1049 - Qualifications and requirements of applicants
1050 - Application requirements
1051 - Examinations and educational requirements
1052 - Certificate to practice; registering; evidence
1053 - Right to re-take examination
1054 - Applicants from other states; waiver of examination
1055 - Recording of certificate
1056 - Annual renewal of license to practice
1057 - Renewals; requirements
1058 - Fees
1059 - Display of certificate
1060 - List of licensed optometrists
1061 - Violations and causes for refusal, suspension, or revocation of certificate
1062 - Hearing; appeal
1063 - Authorization to obtain criminal history record information
1063.1 - Authorization to compel evaluation
1064 - Injunctions; penalty, attorney fees; costs
1065 - Exemptions
1066 - Freedom of choice
1067 - Chemical agents used in examination, board authorization required
1068 - Criminal penalties

Related Laws (click links to view) 

1701 - Medical Prescriptions & Labels

1703 - Penalty

1741 - Laboratory tests; disclosure of costs' violations

1743 - Prohibition on Direct Solicitations

1743.1 - Use of the term "Doctor"

1744 - Disclosure of Financial Interest by Referring Healthcare Providers

1745 - Prohibition on Payment for Patient Referrals

1745.1 - Health Care Provider's Third Party Billing; Notice to Patient

1165.3 - Contact lens prescription; contents; expiration; restrictions on filling; release; penalties