Online License Renewal

LICENSE RENEWAL - PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW CAREFULLY (the Online License Renewal link is at the bottom of this page)

Please Note: You will need to log in to renew your license; please contact the OAL office if you have misplaced your login credentials.
  1. Licenses MUST be renewed EVERY YEAR.
  2. Renewal date is March 1st EVERY YEAR (however, to insure timely receipt of your new license, please allow a minimum of 2-4 weeks for renewals to be processed).
  3. If you are not renewing online, you must send CORRECT fee amount. ($100.00 for license plus $100.00 for T.P.A. certificate, for a TOTAL of $200 if you are T.P.A.).
  4. If your C.E. credits are not on O.E. Tracker, you must send PROOF of attendance of C.E. courses (a flyer about the course is NOT PROOF, NOR is a copy of the agenda). PROOF means a LEGIBLE, SIGNED document that contains DATE OF COURSE, SPONSORING ORGANIZATION, DESCRIPTION OF COURSE, and NUMBER OF HOURS.
  5. A letter from ANOTHER STATE BOARD stating how many C.E. hours you completed will not be acceptable.
  6. You must complete C.E. hours during the CALENDAR YEAR preceding the year you renew.
  7. For T.P.A. renewal, C.E. hours MUST come from APPROVED SOURCES ONLY.
    1. APPROVED SOURCES: A.O.A.; American Academy of Optometry; accredited Schools & Colleges of Optometry; Regional Councils [eg. SECO, GWCO, etc.]; or State Associations affiliated with A.O.A.  NOTHING ELSE WILL COUNT!
  8. The Board has NO OBLIGATION TO REMIND YOU OF YOUR RENEWAL. However, the Board typically sends ONE notice in October/November to remind you to obtain & report your C.E. hours if you do not have them by then.
  9. You are REQUIRED BY LAW to furnish to the Board your CURRENT address. If you do not receive the reminder because the Board DOES NOT HAVE your valid address, recall, it is YOUR OBLIGATION TO INFORM THE LSBOE OF ADDRESS & EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGES.
  10. Are you certified in Advanced Procedures? ALL ODs certified in Advanced Procedure MUST complete the outcome report, whether performing surgical procedures or not. If not performing procedures, enter ZERO for all values.

Other Important Continuing Education Reminders!!!

Practice Management & Jurisprudence courses are not acceptable as C.E. credit for license renewal.  Up to 2 hours of C.E. per year may be obtained online/via webinar, but regardless of the topic/content will only count as NON-TPA hours.

C.E. received by audio tape, video tape, group discussion/study group, is not acceptable for license renewal.  The 8 hours of TPA C.E. relating to ocular & systemic pharmacology and/or current diagnosis & treatment of ocular disease shall be obtained from in-person classroom courses offered by the following sources only:
  1. Any state optometric association affiliated with the American Optometric Association; 
  2. The following non-profit regional optometry meetings represented by member state optometry associations:  Great Western Council of Optometry (GWCO), Heart of America Eye Care Congress, Mountain West Council of Optometrists, The New England Council of Optometrists, North Central States Optometric Council, North East Regional Council of Optometry, Optometric Council of the National Capital Region, Southern Council of Optometrists (SECO), and Southwest Council of Optometry (SWCO); 
  3. The American Optometric Association;
  4. The American Academy of Optometry;
  5. Schools & colleges of Optometry accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE).
When an entity that is not an accepted source of T.P.A. continuing education offers continuing education courses in conjunction with an entity that is an accepted source of T.P.A. continuing education, if the certificate of attendance and completion is issued by the non-accepted entity the hours will not be accepted for T.P.A. renewal. If the certificate of attendance and completion is issued by the accepted entity the hours will be acceptable for T.P.A. renewal.

EXAMPLE: If a study group and accepted college of Optometry offer continuing education courses in conjunction with each other, if the certificate of attendance and completion is issued by the study group the hours will not be acceptable for T.P.A. renewal. However, if the certificate is issued by the Optometry college the hours will be acceptable for T.P.A. renewal

To renew your license now click here.