Online License Renewal

LICENSE RENEWAL - PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW CAREFULLY (the Online License Renewal link is at the bottom of this page)

Please Note: You will need to log in to renew your license; please contact the LSBOE office if you have misplaced your login credentials.
  1. Licenses MUST be renewed EVERY YEAR.
  2. Renewal deadline is March 1st EVERY YEAR (to insure timely receipt, please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for renewals to be processed).  License renewals will open on November 1st each year for the following year.
  3. If you are not renewing online, you must send CORRECT fee amount. ($100 INACTIVE, $300 DPA, $300 TPA).
  4. Your C.E. credits must be submitted through O.E. Tracker, DO NOT send PROOF of attendance of C.E. courses to the LSBOE.
  5. A letter from ANOTHER STATE BOARD stating how many C.E. hours you completed will not be acceptable.
  6. You must complete C.E. hours during the CALENDAR YEAR preceding the year you renew.
  7. For T.P.A. renewal, C.E. hours MUST come from APPROVED SOURCES ONLY.
    1. APPROVED SOURCES: A.O.A.; American Academy of Optometry; accredited Schools & Colleges of Optometry; Regional Councils [eg. SECO, GWCO, etc.]; or State Associations affiliated with A.O.A.  NOTHING ELSE WILL COUNT!
  9. You are REQUIRED BY LAW to furnish to the Board your CURRENT contact information. It is YOUR OBLIGATION TO INFORM THE LSBOE OF PHONE, ADDRESS & EMAIL CHANGES.
  10. ALL ODs (Advanced Certified or NOT) MUST complete the outcome report, whether performing surgical procedures or not. If not performing procedures, enter ZERO for each value required.

Other Important Continuing Education Reminders!!!

Many great questions continue to surround the continuing education changes defined by ACT 194 legislation of the previous legislative year.
Pertinent changes required continuing education are EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2023 and are as follows:

I.Courses and sources:

Per Statute: “Any course that is ‘accredited by a nationally recognized organization’ will count towards annual licensing.

1. This includes ANY “COPE” accredited course. Visit ARBO’s website hhtps:// or to search for COP courses and sources.
A few examples of newly approved courses that are COPE accredited include the National Optometric Association and many Vision Expo East/West courses.

II.CE Hours

1. A total of 16 hours are required. Six hours of continuing education can be obtained online, as long as they are provided by an APPROVED SOURCE OR COURSE (see above). More than six hours of the sixteen required total is not allowed for renewal. Online courses may be obtained in a pre-recorded or live interaction format. 

*You can google ‘COPE approved online CE’ and a plethora of courses will appear. Make sure the course you take is ‘COPE accredited’. If not, it will not count towards license renewal.
2. Eight of the required sixteen hours of continuing education shall pertain to ocular and systemic pharmacology and current diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease shall be obtained through an in-person classroom setting.
3. All CE hours must be properly reported into OE tracker.

III.Requirements that have not changed

1. A total of sixteen hours from approved sources are required for license renewal each year.

2. Previously approved sources: the AOA (which are mostly COPE accredited), AOA state affiliates, including the OAL, courses from Optometry Schools accredited by AACOE, a regional council composed of state affiliates of a national recognized optometric association like SECO (mostly accredited).

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